Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Knitting for Porcupines

Um hi....it's been awhile.
I haven't been sewing lately because I've been too busy knitting!  Being a lefty I could never find someone to teach me...until I discovered knitting tutorials on YouTube.  I'm a YouTube junkie these days!!!  Anyway I ended up learning continental just like a right handed person.  It was easier to learn and since I'm pretty ambidextrous I didn't have any issues.  I am a very proud lefty though so I did feel a bit like a sell-out by conforming to the right handed world rather than lefty adapt, but I got over that.  Fellow lefties please forgive me!!!

I adore Staci of http://verypink.com/ she has fantastic tutorials and great patterns.  I followed her tutorial on how to make a dish cloth and it turned out great!

One of the perks of knitting is http://www.ravelry.com/ I'm SnugglyPorcupine of course.  I have my current project listed, but I don't have any pics of my version so far.  I'm really terrible about taking pictures!  Anyway here is the pattern I'm doing.  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lacy-zigzag-scarf
By CraftFloozy 
Since I'm really sensitive to animal fibers I can't knit with wool (bummer I know).  However I found this bamboo and pearl yarn and I fell in love!!!  http://www.yarnbow.com
Color: Geisha
I'm about 75% complete and hope to have it done by Christmas.  It is so beyond soft and snuggly, it would make any porcupine happy!!!

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