Saturday, January 28, 2012

Warby Parker Glasses!!!

Video about my new Warby Parker glasses.  Mine are called the Beckett and here's where you can get them

Sorry the video stops abruptly, my filming and on-screen presence still need some work.  :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My first video!!!

Knitting Pattern: Lacy Zig Zag Scarf by Jennifer Nelson
Yarn: Sublime Bamboo & Pearl DK in colorway Geisha
    I also have Neroli (lilac) and Rice Paper (white)
Needles: Addi Natura Interchangeables 
Sewing Pattern: Colette Sencha

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Knitting for Porcupines

Um's been awhile.
I haven't been sewing lately because I've been too busy knitting!  Being a lefty I could never find someone to teach me...until I discovered knitting tutorials on YouTube.  I'm a YouTube junkie these days!!!  Anyway I ended up learning continental just like a right handed person.  It was easier to learn and since I'm pretty ambidextrous I didn't have any issues.  I am a very proud lefty though so I did feel a bit like a sell-out by conforming to the right handed world rather than lefty adapt, but I got over that.  Fellow lefties please forgive me!!!

I adore Staci of she has fantastic tutorials and great patterns.  I followed her tutorial on how to make a dish cloth and it turned out great!

One of the perks of knitting is I'm SnugglyPorcupine of course.  I have my current project listed, but I don't have any pics of my version so far.  I'm really terrible about taking pictures!  Anyway here is the pattern I'm doing.
By CraftFloozy 
Since I'm really sensitive to animal fibers I can't knit with wool (bummer I know).  However I found this bamboo and pearl yarn and I fell in love!!!
Color: Geisha
I'm about 75% complete and hope to have it done by Christmas.  It is so beyond soft and snuggly, it would make any porcupine happy!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Meet Pete the Peacock

Sew Weekly's 30 Days of Pincushions Giveaway made me realize I needed a proper pincushion for my sewing table.  I have a mini one in my embroidery kit, but it's too small for more than a few pins.  When I saw Spincushions' pincushion I was immediately drawn to her shop.

I loved all of her cushions, but I fell in love with her peacock version.  I was even more excited because she offered a kit so I could make my own!

Pic from Spincushions' Shop
My kit arrived within a week, which given it was coming from southern Australia to Kentucky that's pretty speedy!  My package contained the required supplies with the exception of the stuffing, which I already had on hand.  The felt for the top, bottom and sides were pre-cut, along with the green squiggles and beak.  This was super helpful since I'm terrible at cutting (have I mentioned this before, LOL!)  I had to trace out the pattern for the peacock body and feathers.

Construction was pretty fast and the directions were clear.  The only part I got a bit confused on was sewing the cushion all together.  The instructions said to use a running stitch, but I couldn't figure out how that would be really secure.  So I did a whip stitch instead.

I think Pete the Peacock (I'm compelled to name everything, hehe!) came out adorable!
My finished pincushion!

Then I was thinking a wrist pincushion would be nice.  The lovely Cupcake Goddess of A Fashionable Stitch had been hinting about a new product in her shop, a wearable notion.  I was really hoping it was going to be wrist pincushions and it was!!!  They appeared in her shop today!  I purchased her beautiful "Summer" version, which is actually the one (or a similar one) on her wrist in the pictures in her post.

Pic of "Summer" from A Fashionable Stitch

I can not wait to use it, especially when I'm tracing my patterns and making fit adjustments.  I will be using it while making my Beignet skirt, which is all cut out and waiting for me to get some time to start sewing! 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sweet Success!!!

I finally completed a sewing project!  I was worried it was never going to happen.  LOL!

Well it isn't my Swing Dress, that's still being slowly hand basted to the underlining.  I'm really dragging my feet aren't?!  However it is Sewaholic's Pendrell blouse!

I was excited about this pattern because it seemed easy(ier) and would fit nicely in my wardrobe.  I chose a rayon challis I found at Hancock.  It's kind of heavy, and frays like mad...but it's a dream to wear! 

I traced off the largest size and for once I was happy about that.  All the other size lines seemed very confusing.  I made zero pattern modifications and it fits really nicely.  I kept the long length for versatility.  Plus I have a long torso as it is and it's nice to have a shirt that will either stay tucked in or won't show my undies when I sit down! 

Next I'm going to tackle my Beignet pattern.  I have a lovely light grey cotton twill and navy buttons.  I'm a bit concerned though because I relied a lot on Tasia's sew along posts for my blouse (even though the directions were very clear, I like the tips and tricks) and this pattern doesn't have that.  I've also never done buttons before so it's going to be an adventure. 

During my posting hiatus (I'm blaming work) I made homemade Samoas (also known as Carmel De-Lites).  I used this recipe.  They were quite time consuming to make, but the end result was pretty tasty.  Plus you get bigger cookies, and three times as many than the official Girl Scout ones. 
Side-by-Side comparison

I'll still support the Girl Scouts (especially since I remember my days selling cookies), but during the 10 months out of the year I can't get actual Samoas, I can whip these up instead. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crazy days!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!  Though I'm not Irish I like to get in the spirit and wear green.  Unfortunately my green swing dress is not finished so I chose a green t-shirt instead.  Since green is my favorite color it's easy to find something appropriate. 

So my dress isn't finished, but the pieces are all there.  They just need to be put together.  My sewing machine was in the shop for a week longer than I expected and it caused me some scheduling issues.  I do hope to have it completed for my trip back home to Chicago in May. 

I have a baby shower this weekend so my gift (Anna Marie Horner receiving blanket) has taken priority.  I'm so excited because I tried a new technique for making bias tape.  I used the tutorial on Colette's site for making continuous bias tape.  Lining up my lines was a little fiddly, but the strip came out great!  Now I just have to actually make it into the bias tape and then the scary part....sewing it on the blanket.  I can't sew a straight line it seems and this voile (which is what a layer of the blanket and the tape are) is slippery.  I'm considering trying my new Sewline glue pen instead of pins, but I fear it may stain the fabric. 
Has anyone tried this pen?  Did you have any issues?! 

I will be sure to post some pics of my finished blanket.  I really hope I can have it done by Sunday!  Just in case I did get another gift so I won't show up empty handed at least. 

I have a new assignment at work and my days went from low key to 90 miles a minute!  This has severely impacted my time and energy to devote to sewing...or anything else really.  Hopefully I'll get used to things and it all won't seem so overwhelming soon.  In the meantime you may not hear from me much.  I also have another idea for my blog that I'm changes may be coming.  Good ones I hope! 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Radio Silence

I've been quiet lately because basically nothing crafty is happening.  My sewing machine is still at the shop and I'm starting to think I'm never going to get it back.  So my swing dress pieces are just hanging out collecting dust.  Ugh!

Meanwhile I did receive my new patterns from Sewaholic and Colette.  I purchased my fabric for the Pendrell today.  I picked up a jersey knit from Gorgeous Fabrics

I'm a sucker for anything must be my inner preppy coming out!  LOL!  I'm unsure how the pattern will work out with the princess seams, but we'll see.  Any tips for me?!

In other news I did make some amazing cookies!
Double Chocolate Espresso Cookies
They have chocolate chips in them for some added texture and a lovely coffee flavor that isn't over powering.  I got the recipe from one of our Taste of Home cookbooks.  Here is the recipe if you would like to try them for yourself!  Double Chocolate Espresso Cookies