Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dress Code

I work at a company that embraces a casual dress code.  In fact if you wear something beyond jeans and a tshirt people get suspicious that you're interviewing at another company!  Occasionally, I can be seen in a skirt or dress during the warmer months, but my usual uniform is jeans, tshirt and a fleece (it's always freezing in here!).  While I love being able to wear jeans everyday it has really caused me to be lazy.  I've gotten used to running out the door with wet hair back in a headband and no makeup.

What happened?!?!  I used to wear cute skirts, sweet jewelry and have my makeup done.  So this year I'm going to work on getting my style groove back!  I've been reading blogs for inspiration, watching tutorials on hair and makeup styles, and practicing my new skills on the weekends. 

I'm hoping to sew up some fabulous skirts and tops to wear, but for time being I'm going to stick to my uniform and spruce it up with some sparklies, an actual hairstyle and makeup.  I'm going to have to let go of a few ZZZ's (which are precious to me), but it will be worth it in terms of increased self esteem and a more professional appearance. 

Speaking of sparklies, I got these earrings for Christmas from JBM Designs.

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