Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ice Cream and Toffee and Chocolate...Oh My!

While I'm new to sewing, I'm not new to baking.  I love whipping up chocolate chip cookies, which E eats straight out of the oven with reckless abandon!  I've made plenty of pies, cakes and trifles for our dinner parties and family birthdays.

However recently I made Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Toffee, I'm trying to branch out to candy making.  I made a couple of blunders, common for me with new recipes, but it came out pretty well.  I've made notes on my recipe so I'll know better next time. 

For Christmas E got me the ice cream attachment for my beloved mixer.  I also found a recipe done by Jenni of Jenni's ice cream.  If you find yourself in Columbus, OH you MUST go to Jenni's!  In fact you can even order their ice cream online.  The internet is the best!  :)

So last weekend I ended up making Jenni's vanilla bean ice cream and topped it with the crumbs of the toffee.  So delish!!!

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