Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sew-Along Supplies

I'm gearing up to get started with Casey's Swing Dress Sew-Along!  This week my pattern and fabric arrived.  I still have a couple of other items to pick up, but I'm almost done shopping. :)

My dress fabric is a lighter green than I was hoping.  I'm not surprised given I bought it online.  I think it will still be quite pretty.  Very Spring-ish!

I posted my fabric on the Sew-Along Flickr group and aloveforvintage suggested I use a cute floral for the belt.  I realised that I had a fabric in my tiny stash that would fit the bill.  Here it is, what do you think?

I'm considering actually making this dress sleeveless so I can avoid that beginner's headache.  I would probably trim the armholes with bias tape made from my belt fabric.  I'm not postive I can do that with this pattern though.  Hhmm...


  1. Hello, thought I'd drop by to say I like your choice in fabric. I'm doing the sew-along as well.

  2. Thanks Marie!!!! I'm getting really excited about this sew-along :)

  3. This looks like a fun project! Your fabric colors are beautiful!