Friday, February 25, 2011

Fiddling is complete!

Last night I finished my final muslin for the swing dress.  I'm sure there are plenty more tweaks I could do to improve fit, but I'm getting to the point where I need to either finish this dress or toss it to the side.  I didn't tack the zipper in this muslin in the pictures so the one side is loose, but overall I think it looks alright.
This Saturday Mr. Snuggly is going hiking with friends, and while I would like to go I think it's best to rest my back.  So I'm going to hole myself up in my sewing room to work on my final dress.  We have a party to go to that night and it would be awesome if I could have it done in time to wear, but I won't push it. 

Also I got my invite to a good friend's baby shower.  I would really like to make a blanket and like these project kits from Anna Marie Horner, but all the fabric choices look too girly to me.  She's having a boy so I would like something at least gender neutral.  What do you think of either of these?

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  1. Hi Mia, your muslin looks good. I checked out your last post and saw all those wonderful patterns that your going to sew, good luck with them.
    The fabric for your friends baby looks cute. It is hard to find fabric that's lovely for a boy.
    Hope your back improves real soon. Every now and then my back gives way and it makes it difficult to even get dressed. I suspect it's a combination of an epidural (from when I had my son) and being slightly overweight.
    Happy sewing!!