Friday, February 18, 2011

Fiery Chickens and Furry Shoes!

So I don't have any pictures of my latest (and hopefully last!) muslin for my swing dress.  It's coming to together nicely though, but it may be a touch big now. ::sigh::  Also I got a gathering presser foot for my machine and it is so much easier than trying to pull threads!  I won't be working on the dress for a few days (see below) but hope to finally cut my fashion fabric next week.  Ugh, I hate feeling behind, however I know I will be frustrated if I don't get the fit right. 

This weekend we're heading out of town to Columbus, OH for the Fiery Foods Festival.  Mr. Snuggly is a hot sauce/chili pepper aficionado and I love going to the North Market
Isn't that a cute logo?!  It makes me giggle.  :)

Today there a networking event at work so I dressed up a smidge more than usual.  I was happy too because it was a good excuse to get my favorite heels out of the closet. 
I got them from the Nine West shop in Manhattan years ago on a business trip.  I love the faux fur (I hope it's fake but don't know for sure) detail. 


  1. It's better to have a garment that fits then one on schedule. You are doing the right thing, working through it for fit, it's hard feeling behind a bit I am sure but you will feel great in the end. I am sure it will be wonderful! Can't wait to see the final dress!