Monday, February 28, 2011

I can at least make bread!

This blog has become my sewing rant session...I really hope for some positive stories soon, if not for the sake of my readers, but for my sanity! LOL

I cut out all my fashion and lining fabric for my swing dress.  Because I find ironing large pieces of fabric awkward I decided to iron after cutting, it didn't seem to wrinkly anyway. ironed up nicely and I was so happy with everything, then I wanted to sew my fashion fabric and lining together and suddenly panic set in.  All my fashion fabric is too big now...doh!!  So now I'm going to try to line up my pieces with the pattern again and trim.  Ugh...this is a mistake I'll make once (I hope!).

I was able to sew a few pieces that were pretty close and my sewing machine decided to give me fits.  The bobbin case is loose and the whole thing falls out of place, causing the machine to lock up, my fabric to get eaten and the most horrible noise.  So sewing is on hold until I can get it serviced, I don't want to seriously break my machine, or break it more than it already is. 

Sewing really has a way of rattling my confidence.  I read blogs of other beginner seamstresses and they seem to be whipping up beautiful things daily!  I'm definitely not in the same category.  So I have to remind myself that I am good at making sourdough bread.  Here's proof:  :)


  1. Hi Mia, I wouldn't be to hard on yourself. I think you've done a great job on your muslin, but I do know what you mean about your confidence being rattled. I've put mine aside for a bit, and I'll just be taking my time with it.
    God!!! That sourdough bread is huge!!! And it looks really delicious. You must be such a great cook.

  2. Thanks Marie! Your comments are always so sweet and appreciated! It's nice to know I'm not the only one that questions herself with sewing.
    Actually my husband is an excellent cook, but I'm the baker in the family. We do eat very well...sometimes too well. :D