Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Muslin Shenanigans

My sewing room has a lovely fresh coat of grey paint and white trim now.  I would post pictures, but I forgot the cable I need to transfer the files from my camera to my computer.  Totally lame...I know. 

So I wasn't able to make any progress on my swing dress last weekend.  I tried to play catch-up last night.  I cut out my muslin and attempted the first few steps of the pattern.  Gosh the instructions are confusing!  It didn't help that the instructions don't describe or illustrate the right/wrong sides of the fabric and it really didn't help that my muslin also doesn't have a right and wrong side.  I was so confused with which bodice piece went on what side.  I'm such a newb!  LOL!  I eventually figured it out enough to "try" it on with it all pinned up.  I needed Mr. Snuggly to help so I didn't stab myself!  I had shorten the bodice per Casey's directions based on my measurements, but I'm afraid I may have shortened it too much.  Fingers crossed I'm wrong. 

Casey posted directions on how to handle the shoulder...thank goodness!  Casey actually seems to do the directions in a different order than the instructions and her's makes much more sense.  Tonight I will take apart what I've done and redo it.  I've never done gathers before and I'm a touch wary of getting them right.  I've got my sewing book though and it has some nice pictures and how-to's on the subject. 

Once I get that done, I'll take some pics (and remember the camera cable!), and hopefully they won't be too embarrassing!  :)

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