Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sewing and Cupcakes!!!

Last weekend Mr. Snuggly and I went to IKEA for some sewing room furniture shopping.  I ended up getting everything on my "must have" list.  I tested out all the desks and decided that the Jonas desk with the pull-out side table was perfect.  This is a HUGE step up from the card table!
I decided to go with the black-brown version because I thought it would look nicer than the birch, unfortunately it didn't come in white.  I did get the Jules chair in white though and I love how it looks with the darker desk. 

I was also able to get my comfy chair and footstool.  Now I can comfortably watch tv and do my hand stitching.  I got the dark gray Tullsta chair and I love how it looks against the lighter gray walls.  You can also get covers in different colors, so I may get one so I can have a different look.  Because it's too small to curl up on I got a little Solsta Pallbo footstool.  Here's a pic...complete with Scout who is always hamming for the camera!!  LOL!

I haven't gotten a chance to actually sew at my desk yet, but I'm excited too!  I'm desperately behind in my swing dress so I need to get to it! 

I did find some time to make some tasty treats for Valentine's Day.  I used Bake It in a Cake's recipe for Chocolate Covered Strawberry Brownie Bites.  Though I didn't have enough strawberries to make mini's so I make regular sized cupcakes. 
They have white chocolate buttercream frosting.  I really need to work on my frosting skills, but luckily my gold sprinkles from Bake It Pretty distract from the mistakes nicely.  :)


  1. I like that white cubby/shelf thing you have on the wall next to your desk. What a perfect thing for your sewing notions. Is that what you'll be using it for?

  2. Thanks! I actually took all my notions out when we painted the room. Really it's pretty because I can keep nearly everything organized and at hand. Plus it looks nice. :)

  3. I love your desk Mia, heaps of room to sew on and real sturdy. Your cupcakes look very yummy!

  4. I did some sewing yesterday and my desk is wonderful! It's so nice to have space for everything right where I want it. The cupcakes are pretty yummy, thanks!!!